Uplift Counseling Services, LLC welcomes Mia to the team.

Mia has experience with OCD (ERP) and other co-morbid concerns such as eating disorders and trauma. Mia will continue to receive clinical guidance, skill strengthening, and ERP training with Taylor. At times, Taylor may sit in on session(s), observe, assist, and serve as an additional clinical-supportive resource.

Uplift Counseling Services, LLC, remains committed to quality of client care and the importance of service excellence within the practice. 

Study and training of ERP specialization:

2022: University of Pennsylvania, Center for Treatment and Study of Anxiety (CTSA): Exposure and Ritual Prevention for OCD Workshop; Philadelphia, PA

Mia Martinson, MEd, LPC-A, NCC

Each person approaches life with an arsenal of beliefs, skills, perspectives, fears, and motivations that are influenced by experiences, upbringing, biology, and other internal and external factors. My focus is to help you use your arsenal to navigate your life in a way that creates a grounded balance and room for growth. 

I have been trained in various research-based therapeutic modalities that I will use in order to help you reach your goals in therapy. I specialize in working with clients who present with anxiety disorders such as OCD and agoraphobia, depressive disorders, eating disorders, and borderline personality disorders.

I have had a desire to help people find happiness and success through therapy since my high school years. I attended the University of Mississippi where I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a Masters of Education in Counselor Education. During my time in graduate school and afterward, I have been fortunate to provide therapy in all levels of care and have been directly trained in the use of CBT, ACT, DBT, and ERP; all of which I use with clients depending on treatment goals.

As an LPC-A, I obtain supervision from a board-certified supervisor in South Carolina, participate in peer clinical support groups, and staff cases with supervisors in the clinical setting. This allows me to provide you the absolute best care by drawing from my supervisors’ and peers’ clinical expertise in addition to my own.