Client Impact

Client Impact

“The best you will find. The help received through uplift counseling is priceless. Taylor’s compassion, intelligence, skill and guidance is unparalleled. So grateful we found Uplift Counseling!”

J.P. (parent of client)

“I had a great experience here. I felt truly heard and was always treated with kindness. I use what I learned from Taylor every day.”

M.M. (former client)

“I received weekly therapy from Taylor Krulac here for 4 months, and I made some of the best mental health progress in my life. Taylor is an excellent therapist. Her techniques and approach clicked extremely well with me. I was forced to relocate for a promotion and have yet to find a therapist that meets the level of success I had with her.”

M.K. (former client)

“Taylor’s no-nonsense, compassionate, goal-oriented approach to CBT therapy has transformed my life. For the last six months, I’ve worked with her to manage my chronic depression and anxiety. Without labels, jargon, or frills, Taylor has helped me realize my worth, and provided me with several tools to live a life full of hope and confidence. When we first began working together, I was unrecognizable to myself. My spirit and my ambition had diminished so greatly in the midst of a depressive episode, and I barely knew where to start in the healing process. Taylor did not heal me. Instead, she has gone one step further, and has taught me how to heal myself.”

J.T. (former client)

“Taylor is a great therapist I would recommend to anyone, and especially to someone dealing with OCD. Finding effective support for OCD can be a challenge, and this is where she excels. From guidance on accepting thoughts and emotions, to Exposure Response Therapy (ERP) to help reduce the anxiety thoughts generate. She is a great guide on the journey of recovery.”

C.C. (former client)